Birthday of SFF Rosetta Awards

Today, Dec 26, 2020, Science Fiction and Fantasy Rosetta Awards (SFFRA) officially comes to the world, with the love of global SFF community and the anticipation of further communicating between different languages & cultures and of recognition of the great but underrated efforts of translators and those who endeavor to make the translation works come true.

Gratitude to Cheryl Morgan (Wales, UK), Gary K. Wolfe (US), Alex Shvartsman (US), Ana Rüsche (Brazil), Artiom Zheltov (Russia), Yingying Wu (China), and Alex “SFRabbit” Li (China) for their volunteer works upon their professional knowledge and experience to make this Awards possible. And special credit to Rachel S. Cordasco (US) for her consecutive data-keeping of Speculative Fiction translation works published in English.

It won’t be easy, for this new Awards, to grow and mature and keep alive for years and years. This Awards welcomes all supports in any direct or indirect way possible. Together, we contribute to the global SFF community and to make this world a little more understandable.

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