Rules of SFF Rosetta Awards

The rules of SFF Rosetta Awards:

The SFF Rosetta Awards is jury-based.

Categories of SFFRA:

  1. Long-form. 40k English words or above.
  2. Short-form. Under 40k words.
  3. An Achievement Award will be awarded to the author, editor, translator, activist or publisher who makes great contribution to promotion of non-English SFF internationally.

Eligibility of candidates:

  1. The works are Sci-Fi and Fantasy genre or related.
  2. The works first published in the previous calendar year; but could be rolled to next year if not included in this year’s eligibility list.
  3. Must be a translation from Non-English to English, and published either in print or electronically through publisher/magazine. The eligibility is based on the year the translation is published, not the year the work was published in its original language.
  4. Self-published work posted on the web or social media will not be considered.
  5. Self-translated work will not be considered.
  6. The original list of valid works will be released in January. Any works possibly overlooked by this list may be added through the end of March. Authors, editors, and translators are welcome to contact the Awards staff with information on any texts that are not already on the list.

Credit: Many thanks to Rachel S. Cordasco and her website for the collected infomations and datas of speculative translation works published in English market continuously for speculative fiction community.

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