Corrections and Changes (Part 1) of Preliminary Eligibility List of 2021 SFFRA

Long-form: The Valancourt Book of World Horror Stories is removed, because the 20 stories of which are separately eligible in Short-form category. To Hold Up the Sky, Cixin Liu, translated from Chinese by Joel Martinsen, John Chu, Carmen Yiling Yan, &Adam Lanphier (Tor Books). Multiple translators added. [Joel Martinsen kindly pointed out Carmen Yiling YanContinue reading “Corrections and Changes (Part 1) of Preliminary Eligibility List of 2021 SFFRA”

Preliminary Eligibility List of 2021 SFF Rosetta Awards

The preliminary eligibility list of 2021 SFF Rosetta Awards is out. If any incorrectness, or any eligible works missing in this list, please kindly point out or provide with full info source to verify via email to, before 14th, March. And the final eligibility list will be announced at end of March. Long-form (46Continue reading “Preliminary Eligibility List of 2021 SFF Rosetta Awards”

Birthday of SFF Rosetta Awards

Today, Dec 26, 2020, Science Fiction and Fantasy Rosetta Awards (SFFRA) officially comes to the world, with the love of global SFF community and the anticipation of further communicating between different languages & cultures and of recognition of the great but underrated efforts of translators and those who endeavor to make the translation works comeContinue reading “Birthday of SFF Rosetta Awards”